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Coca-Cola Company, an innovative way of communicating

Today, a new post about another one of my hobbies. I want to talk about a well-known red & white brand which may have changed the Father X-Mas colours (another Coca-Cola myth?)! They are one of the most valuable enterprises in the world, with their hundreds of products and their worldwide reputation.

Coca Cola doesn’t need anything more to communicate about their products, yet they want to entertain consumers with innovative and original campaigns. With the evolution of technologies, Coca-Cola has developed its ways of reaching people and, after their strong TV ads, has decided to move to the digital world. A lot of their campaigns have been successful (in different ways of success) and I will just make a retrospective of several of them.


The web can be used to promote Coca-Cola brand during special events such as Superbowl or Olympic Games. But also promoting special Coke events as the installation of special machines all around the world. Indeed, Coca-Cola had exchange vending machines for “Happiness machines” inside universities. Below follows an example of one of these, put in London
These machines brought pleasure into student lives giving them a lot of Coke cans but also flowers, cakes, laughs and good memories. This is what Coca-Cola Companies wishes : creating times that will be unforgettable 😀

Moreover, Youtube has been used in order to create an online buzz and, eventually, to collect feedback about their brand event.
Thus, following the social media trend, Coke made a partnership with Twitter as well, in 2011, encouraging people to tweet their “Christmas wish” and having the chance to see it on Piccadilly Circus screens (London). As other campaigns, the brand wants consumers to feel special for one moment. It creates events so that every people can feel different and like Coca-Cola to be so personalised.

To cover all type of social websites, the brand also created, with Spotify and the use of QR codes, a musical campaign in Australia (2012) allowing people to share their favourite song from the last sixty years. On every coke bottles could be found a QR code enabling consumers to share their songs, playlist and give to the world a bit of what they love.
I assume that every Coca-Cola campaign has a social aim. The brand wants to get consumers together and create a huge community. SHARING is the more important word and reflects exactly Coke character. Wherever you come from, whatever your age or your gender, Coca-Cola wants you to be part of their world and wants to connect people each other !! What a great way to use digital tools knowing that they create so much social link nowadays. It maintains the curiosity and the passion for their beverages, as well as the desire for it, because each year, a new social event is launching and everyone is waiting for it! Who doesn’t look forward the new Coca-Cola X-Mas campaign in December?
The last project of the brand has been targeted to teenagers primarily: the Ahh Effect. With no less than 61 dimensions (URLs), the brand has focused its new communication on young people with gaming websites and creativity competitions. So, why did they choose “Ahh” as a campaign name? Apparently, this is the first reaction that everyone has when opening a Coke. Including all these websites, that you can differentiate with the number of H’s in the URL, was a way to emphasize on their wish to create something different, something special that people couldn’t find anywhere else.

Becoming a different brand and helping people feeling special could be the slogan of Coca-Cola, making them, at the time, unbelievable!


Nouvelle semaine, nouveau post, nouveau sujet qui me tient tout autant à cœur !
Je veux évidemment parler de la célèbre marque rouge et blanche qui, d’après certaines rumeurs, aurait pu faire changer les couleurs de la garde-robe du Père Noel ! Une idée ? Il s’agit en effet de Coca Cola Company, qui est une des entreprises les plus rentables de notre monde contemporain grâce à sa ligne complète de sodas et rafraichissements en tout genre.
Comme tout grand acteur du marché, elle a dû s’adapter à l’évolution des technologies d’information et y a, je trouve, très bien réussi. Cet article relate quelques exemples de campagnes menées par Coca, en s’aidant de l’attractivité du web pour promouvoir ses produits et divertir ses consommateurs.
Internet sert en premier lieu à la promotion de ses différents évènements de communication. Sans compter les nombreuses vidéos mises en ligne lors d’évènements de grande ampleur comme le Superbowl ou les Jeux Olympiques, la firme utilise le web pour faire la «bande annonce » de ses futures actualités. Ainsi, lors de la création de distributeurs quelque peu spéciaux, la marque a utilisé Youtube pour poster des vidéos prises dans différentes universités qui avaient eu la chance de découvrir une « machine du bonheur » au sein de leur campus, machine qui distribuait des Cocas un peu particuliers … créant des moments de partage et de rire entre étudiants qui ne se connaissaient certainement pas auparavant ! Le slogan « Share happiness » prend alors tout son sens 😛

S’aidant de la montée des medias sociaux, Coca a également fait appel à Twitter en 2011 pour créer une campagne de publicité permettant aux internautes de Twitter un «vœux de Noel » et le voir s’afficher sur les immenses LEDs a Piccadilly Circus (Londres). Le but principal de ces différents évènements et de permettre à tous de se sentir différent l’espace d’un instant. Coca va là où on ne l’attend pas pour créer le buzz et, par la même occasion, marquer les esprits de tous !

Facebook, qui est aussi très populaire notamment auprès des internautes français, est un des sites sur lequel la marque est la plus présente. Lors ce que les cybernautes français ont élu Coca la marque la plus populaire sur le site social, atteignant les trois millions de fans, le géant des sodas a tenu à les remercier en créant une vidéo spécialement dédiée aux consommateurs français.

Toutes les interventions de Coca-Cola auprès de ses consommateurs a pour but de les réunir, les faire partager et les divertir. Il veut montrer que leur personnalité convient à tout le monde en créant une vraie complicité et proximité avec ses (potentiels) clients.

Le dernier évènement en date est plutôt destiné aux adolescents et a vu la création de 61 sites remplis de jeu portant sur la marque. Faisant autant appel à la bonne humeur qu’a la créativité du jeune public, chacun pouvait également créer un jeu entrainant la création d’un nouvel URL et favorisant l’implication des consommateurs dans leur consommation.
Je trouve donc que Coca-Cola Company s’appuie sur les derniers moyens de communication pour promouvoir ses produits tout en maintenant la passion que ses consommateurs ont envers la marque. Qui n’attend pas avec impatience la dernière publicité Coca au moment de Noel ? Ils ont réussi à en créer tout un évènement et à créer une curiosité continue chez la population, peu importe leur âge, leur culture ou qu’ils soient consommateurs de produits « Made in Coca » !
Coca-Cola permet à chacun de sentir spécial tout en se différenciant par l’originalité de leurs relations et leurs publicités ! Sans oublier évidemment le mot d’ordre : LE PARTAGE !!!


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  1. New Coke cans can also be separated in half so that you are concretely able to share a Coke 😀

  2. the new coke campaign “ahhh” seems to be a great campaign because they didnt use any traditional advertising mediums it seems and they still got a lot of people on their website and for long periods of time

  3. Word of mouth is the best “advertisement” they need I guess ! And they use bottle labels to spread messages or ads, which means that any potential Coke drinker can see it inside his bottle and go directly on the website thanks to his smartphone 🙂 And you’re right,4 million people in less than 6 months, this is huge ! Especially because, as you said, they get attention for a “long” time, longer than during a TV ad or street advertisement. People are really involved and, if they’re curious, they can visit all “ahhhhh” websites and spend hours playing games !

  4. Coke has definitely got it right! Here’s another great campaign I came across:

    • Wahou, this is just amazing ! I don’t know where they find all these good ideas but this is definitely what makes them different : taking initiatives and innovating constantly 🙂

  5. Coke is great at involving their consumers in their campaigns! Do you think if Coke only used traditional advertising and not their interactive marketing, it would continue to be so popular? Or have they have done more than enough to communicate their products?

    • I reckon it depends where ! In France, the brand is really popular and even if their communication strategy was less innovative, I think that they’ve done enough to still convince people to buy their products ! Moreover, we are more conservative than you I would say and Coca Cola would have better to maintain yearly event that French consumers love. For example, we have a XMas train every year in December that you can take from different cities, in which you have exhibition about the brand, shops, interactive activities or even sampling of new products. This is the kind of event it should keep ! Obviously, innovative campaigns create more attractivity for the consumer but they’re already well known enough to only use traditional communication ! It’s addictive 😉 However, it’s different in Australia where Pepsi is really strong and present ! Here, they need their original marketing to differentiate themselves from other competitors and this is it that makes them so popular ! I agree that, anyway, changing their marketing strategy could disappoint people but I’m not sure that they would stop drinking Coke for all that …

  6. Coke is one of those brands that just understands social media. Their social media campaigns are always innovative, exciting and engaging. It really lives up to their brand personality of being about happiness and fun 🙂

    • Completely ! During each campaign, they just use every single media that exists to be sure that a huge number of people will be able to interact with the brand. They don’t want to focus on a particular segment, just want to involve everyone in their world so that happiness and sharing could become daily feelings 😀

  7. Coca cola has always been the brand that has kept its brand identity by making its product always youthful and spontaneous throughout its long years in the industry. I really love the ahhhhhhhhhhhh concept as it kept the audience engage in its game and continue to be able to engage others in its “social experiment” to deliver happiness to the people. I doubt anyone would forget Coca Cola name.

    • This is definitely a dynamic brand which gives the desire of being more energetic and more social ! Yeah, exactly, they keep creating new concepts to interact with people so that we always have Coca-Cola’s name in mind ! And they also initiate keenness, every wants to know what they’re gonna share with us for the next campaign 🙂 I’m sure that nobody will forget this name for a loooong time !

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